Building & Grounds

Building & Grounds/Parks & Recreation Department 

Foreman – William Hamlin
Staff – Ken Kahila, Tim Justice, Alan Campbell

The Building and Grounds Department strives to facilitate the ease in which each department can serve the public in a helpful and positive manner. Further, our staff upholds a commitment to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and beauty of all of the Charter Township of Oscoda properties for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. 

The Buildings & Grounds personnel maintain all municipal buildings, parks, and the Pinecrest Cemetery which are owned by the Township along with the maintained buildings and properties on the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base.  

Duties range from painting, building repairs, fixing leaky plumbing, installing fences, setting up election equipment, snowplowing, equipment maintenance, and building boardwalks and fishing piers, just to name a few. Also, all conventional and cremation burials are handled by the department.